Forming long term partnerships with all stakeholders.

Our experience has shown us the importance of getting development right from the beginning. We understand that successful projects need the support of all stakeholders, especially the communities that host them. Our aim is to develop renewable energy projects that are robust and diverse, ready for Australia’s dynamic and evolving energy market. We conduct extensive pre-feasibility screening to ensure that all our projects can reach construction.

Our Renewable Technology Focus

Our industry expertise has highlighted an ongoing demand for new wind farms across Australia both now and into the future, as such wind is our key development focus. To provide maximum flexibility we always consider co-locating solar and battery storage alongside wind where appropriate, as well as standalone solar and battery projects.

As the green hydrogen market develops, so to will the need for green electricity to create it. We are ensuring that we develop sites suited to co-locating renewable electricity generation and green hydrogen production.


Wind farm project development is our core and primary focus. Wind farms will continue to play a critical role in the Australian energy market.


Solar technology used when combined with BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) and wind can provide important long term operationality for renewable projects. Solar is a complementary technology.

Battery Storage

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) form a part of our development activities. Greenleaf looks to combine BESS technology with other renewable technologies – wind and solar.

Green Hydrogen

The use of green hydrogen in the domestic and international energy market continues to evolve. The end use is different but at its core, enabling green hydrogen is no different from traditional wind and solar project development.

Our Projects

Our core focus is wind farm projects, but we respect the evolving energy market, and the role of diversity in the energy mix.


Greenleaf has experience across all areas of project development.

Our Team

A team of highly experienced individuals working hard to deliver outcomes.

Community Engagement

Greenleaf respects and appreciates that communities are an important stakeholder.

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