The Greenleaf story

In Australia’s fast-paced renewable energy landscape stands Greenleaf Renewables, a young company committed to innovation when contributing to the nation’s renewable energy targets.

Founded in mid-2021, Greenleaf represents a fresh approach in an industry often dominated by international proponents.

As an Australian-owned and operated company, Greenleaf is guided by a core ethos of grassroots, ground-up engagement. Our directors embody this commitment to local empowerment and community involvement. With over 40 years of collective industry experience, the team brings a wealth of expertise spanning every phase of project development, from land access and technical planning to permitting and financing.

Our journey began with a simple ambition: to make a meaningful difference in the renewable energy landscape. Recognising Australia’s vast wind and solar resources, we set out to establish a 100% Australian-owned company dedicated to significantly contributing to the nation’s energy transition.

Unlike larger corporations where decisions are made in distant boardrooms, Greenleaf prides itself on direct engagement with local stakeholders and believes in being not just decision-makers but also active participants in the communities we serve.

Being a small company sets us apart. It enables us to have a nimble, flexible approach, adapt quickly to changing circumstances, and overcome the challenges inherent in large-scale projects.

Central to our business model is the early involvement of partners who will eventually own and operate the renewable energy projects we develop. This paves the way for a seamless transition and enables the development of long-term stakeholder and community relationships and sustainability.

Our experience has taught us that successful projects are built on strong foundations of community support. That’s why we place a premium on building genuine partnerships with landholders and local communities. Through open, transparent communication and collaborative decision-making, we strive to co-design projects that deliver a strong legacy.

At Greenleaf, we are more than just a development company; we are a committed team driven by a shared passion for making a tangible difference in people’s lives. Our hands-on approach, grounded in deep community engagement and local empowerment, reflects our belief that the true beneficiaries of renewable energy projects should be the communities and landholders they serve.

Our Philosophy

As renewable energy project developers, Greenleaf focuses on best for Project outcomes.

Our Projects

Our core focus is wind farm projects, but we respect the evolving energy market, and the role of diversity in the energy mix.

Our Team

A team of highly experienced individuals working hard to deliver outcomes.

Community Engagement

Greenleaf respects and appreciates that communities are an important stakeholder.

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